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Don't miss the new Interlude x10 PTS on! The Gates of Hell have opened and demons have infiltrated the world of Lineage. The dark forces of Hell bribed the dungeon-dwellers in the Imperial Tomb to betray the world of Lineage and let the demons into our world. Now these demons can infiltrate anyone in Lineage. These demons are nicknamed Hell Champion. They are not afraid of the light, can reincarnate and can attack you at any time of the day. But champions aren't the only ones who come to hunt. Every day after sunset a portal opens at the cemetery, through which the Great Emperor Nakun himself enters. He feeds on the souls of the dead and makes sure that there are as many of them as possible. He will gladly take with him anyone who dares to oppose him. There are good inhabitants in Hell, too. They have also been able to come to us in the name of warning of danger. Among them is Hell Apostol, who can always be found in Giran. It's a good demon, who came to us to collect badly needed resources in the world of Hell and is ready to thank anyone who challenges his enemies. And he's ready to provide all brave warriors with unique, never-before-seen hell items that will help you in battle. I hope you'll accept the challenge, and be able to protect the Lineage world from evil!

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