Rules of the Server Ratings project

Integrity. The position of the server in the rating depends on your average score. In addition, we are always working to improve the system of protection against automated and mass cheats. If any servers are found to be involved in such cheats, they will be blocked so that you will only see the servers’ honest placement in the rankings.

Loyalty. We value our users and are always ready to help those who need it. We also provide individual approach to each application. Our team is constantly working to make using our portal comfortable and enjoyable for you.

Willingness to make changes. We are always ready to listen to your constructive suggestions and wishes regarding the functionality and work of the project. We strive to develop together with you, because movement is life.

To participate in the server rating, you must follow a number of rules. First of all, all resources wishing to participate must register and be verified by a moderator. In the rating can participate servers available for general use, regardless of language and nationality. However, resources containing materials that violate the law or moral standards, as well as those that replace files on a PC or spread viruses are not allowed to participate.

The server’s position in the rating depends on its category, the number of votes, the average score and other parameters.

The way the server position is calculated is not disclosed.

The server description should not contain many capital letters, special characters and more than two repeating characters. It is forbidden to advertise other resources, except the server itself, in the title and description of the server. It is also forbidden to register servers for the purpose of advertising other resources or using one-page sites.

The server must provide truthful IP data, which will determine the online and status of the server, chronicles and other parameters. Any attempts to cheat the rating, including data spoofing, will be detected and suppressed.