WarCraft Life All Extras + World of Warcraft Classic 1.14.2 [WOW Off]

Server banner WarCraft Life All Extras + World of Warcraft Classic 1.14.2 [WOW Off]

Game service collected on one site all the additions of World of Warcraft. We have: - PVP seasons with a huge prize pool! - HD graphics; modified character models, unique totem models for each individual race and much more. - As many as ten new races: Vorgen, Goblin, Naga, High Elf and Pandaren, Vulper, Nightborn, Abyss Elf, Black Iron Dworf, and absolutely unique and beloved by all - Eredar! - Unique PvE content (rewritten content add-on "The Burning Crusade" for level 80, as well as custom bosses and dungeons that only we have! Heroic versions of raiding dungeons: Gruul's Lair, Magteridon's Lair, Karazhan, Fortress of Storms, Serpent Sanctuary, Ulduar!) - PvP equipment improvement system from the 5th arena season to the 11th! - Absolutely unique system of character development after reaching the maximum level, thanks to which your character will be constantly evolving - "Categories"! (only in the game world of Scourge x2). - Hundreds of new vehicles and non-game companions, some you will not find even on the official project! A huge number of items for transmogrification (armor sets, weapons, etc.)! - New island - Tol'garod, with daily quests. - Automatic system of catching and punishment of players using forbidden software! - Bounty hunting. Brand new system of killing orders, for which you will receive gold by fulfilling contracts. - Professional Support.

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3.3.5a, 7.3.5
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