WOW SIRUS – The Best World of Warcraft

Server banner WOW SIRUS – The Best World of Warcraft

Sirus is a truly unique World of Warcraft game server, where you can be sure that you won't get bored! After all, Sirus TEAM has taken care of that! Only on this server you can play a really interesting and hardcore game, which has no place for wimps. We have: - PVP seasons with huge prizes! - HD graphics; modified character models, unique totem models for each individual race and much more. - As many as ten new races: Vorgen, Goblin, Naga, High Elf and Pandaren, Vulper, Nightborn, Elf of the Abyss, Black Iron Dworf, and absolutely unique and beloved by all - Eredar! - Unique PvE content (rewritten content add-on "The Burning Crusade" for level 80, as well as custom bosses and dungeons that only we have! Heroic versions of raiding dungeons: Gruul's Lair, Magteridon's Lair, Karazhan, Fortress of Storms, Serpent Sanctuary, Ulduar!) - PvP equipment improvement system from the 5th arena season to the 11th! - Absolutely unique system of character development after reaching the maximum level, thanks to which your character will be constantly evolving - "Categories"! (only in the game world of Scourge x2). - Hundreds of new vehicles and non-game companions, some you will not find even on the official project! A huge number of items for transmogrification (armor sets, weapons, etc.)! - A new island - Tol'garod, with daily quests. - Automatic system of catching and punishment of players using forbidden software! - Bounty hunting. Brand new system of killing orders, for which you will receive gold by fulfilling contracts. - Professional Support.

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