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Mamba-Games is a project: - With the highest level of service in relation to the players, each request is promptly processed and any player's question is resolved; - The flagship build "Rosalia" is a classic build with combat balance, you do not need to recruit a whole pack to kill one player, perfectly calibrated PvP 1 VS 1 mode in neo-classic mode, also perfectly working macro power balance, the average duration of PM is not less than 49 minutes; - A place where only professionals of their trade work on all aspects; - A place where the chief administrator has information about each mechanics and has the knowledge to turn the "elephant" in terms of changing aspects of the game, can explain incomprehensible moments in simple terms; - For the server "Rosalia" developed more than three hundred unique changes to the classic assembly to improve all the mechanics, fix bugs, the introduction of convenience, comfort player - while these changes do not change the concept of RF Online; - A unique system of logging into the game world through the Mamba-Network Checker, with the ability to choose the most suitable connection for you from different parts of the world, with the available ping checking, as well as logging, which allows you to contact our team for assistance - to get a solution to the problem within 5 minutes of dialogue; - We have a whole staff of employees in different directions, and for each ongoing work and saturation of the content of all corners of the game; - Our project, it has the prospect of entering the world arena, for which we, in fact, and are preparing.

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