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Server banner PLAYMATIX NETWORK – Cozy Minecraft servers!

PlayMatix - The coziest project, without wipes, with infinite worlds and stable work for more than a year! Play, dream, improve. Are you with us? Then get to know the game modes:Classic - The well-established mode, for fans of vanilla experience with different social plugins, such as:Economy: Build up your empire using a finely tuned auction and your entrepreneurial wits. Clans: Unite people close to your heart. Wars, ranks, clan castles! Mode contains the basic, classic and necessary for convenience plugins, such as the privat territory (which, by the way, shows the grid, during the allocation). Vanilla - Pure, unvarnished vanilla experience in Minecraft, no plugins, no privates, strictly vanilla sandbox. Nothing extra. SheetFAQ - Private server, in Vanilla mode. No random players, strictly the main connoisseurs of the project. Feature of the mode - the rollback system. There is no chance to lose anything if you have ever built or mined it. Leave your mark, make it forever. The project considers fresh ideas and develops new modes to improve the existing one, and create a new game experience. In addition:Each of the presented modes is endowed with an infinite world. All modes are on the newest version of the game. DONAT is only in some modes, moreover, it is extremely balanced, which makes it safe to say: all are equal, regardless of wealth, nationality and language. Administration monitors each server, suppressing the violation of the rules, providing a comfortable game for everyone. Speaking of administration:We answer all questions, consider any suggestion and help in any situation that occurred on the server. Use any of these addresses:- main - backup Welcome to PlayMatix, be yourself.

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