⭐⭐⭐ MythicalWorld ⚡ SPRING UPDATE

Server banner ⭐⭐⭐ MythicalWorld ⚡ SPRING UPDATE

❗❗❗❗ MythicalWorld - SERVERS WITH MODES FOR ANY INTENT ❗❗❗❗ ✅ Site: mythicalworld.su ✅ Free VIP for new players: http://mythicalworld.su/reg_key-mr 𫔇 Online rewards every day! ⭐ No VIP stuff, no bans! ⭐ Quality builds, high online and responsive administration! Classic (1.18.2) is a classic server without extra mods and plugins for vanilla meincraft fans. The server is filled with beautiful architectural buildings and a lot of interesting mini-games, which allows to implement the physics of Minecraft. If you love vanilla and at the same time you like exciting mini-games, this server is for you! ⚡ Industrial - technical server based on the modification of IndustrialCraft 2 Classic. We offer you to plunge into that very hardcore world! Solid matter, exploding mechanisms, the need to install transformers - all this awaits you on this server! Onward to new adventures! HiTech is a technical Minecraft server for fans of complicated mechanisms. The server combines such global mods as Industrial Craft 2 Experimental, BuildCraft, Applied Energestics 2, Forestry, EnderIO, Advanced Solar Panels, and many others, giving the player many goals, challenges, and obstacles on the way to achieve them! Immerse yourself in the world of technology on the HiTech server! Magic is a magical Minecraft server for those born magicians! Here the most popular magic mods are waiting for you - BloodMagic, ThaumCraft, Twilight Forest, Thaumic Tinkerer, Witchery and many others! You will be able to learn the basics of magic, open new worlds and make your dreams come true. Magic will make all your wishes come true! ⚡ TechMagic is a unique server that combines magic and modern technology! It's a magical world where the struggle reigns! Favorite mods are united so that you can become not only a great magician and engineer, but also create a dragon armor that makes you almost invulnerable. There's something for everyone on this server, and the more complex crafting will add interest to an already great build. Become a Taumaturg engineer, conquer the magical elements and build the most advanced mechanisms, all this and more awaits you here! ⚡ SkyTech is a Minecraft server based on the principles of SkyFactory, perfect for fans of complex schemes and hardcore survival. Based on the SkyBlock mod, it combines many tech mods such as Thermal Expansion, EnderIO, Applied Energestics 2 and Draconic Evolution. Faced with a lack of resources and energy, develop your island by completing quests and discovering secrets and Easter eggs left by the server administration. All this is waiting for you on the SkyTech server! DivineRPG is a magical Minecraft server with tons of amazing worlds. Magical rituals, spells, unique weapons and armor, and invincible bosses await you! The server is based on the global mods Divine RPG, Ars Magica 2, Thaumcraft and Tinker's Construct.

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