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Some features of our server: - Dive into gameplay with 35 FPS. Experience your micro-control on a new level; - Carefully balanced PVP and PVE, tested by a highly experienced team at several stages of the game; - Completely redesigned in-game monsters with seamless transitions between 20 locations, as well as automatic monster boosting every 10 resets; - Two types of sieges: 1) classic siege, tested and highly appreciated by dozens of experienced players; 2) custom siege by our developers, in which guilds will fight for possession of the map "Elveland Warrior"; - New character movement animations developed by us. Only on our server characters will fly in Icarus, swim in Kalima and Atlans, and run in case of movement on the ground. - Sophisticated game economy, based on zen, valuable stones and other resources. Balanced X-shop without much influence on the balance of game items; - Drop top skills exclusively from new bosses; - Classic boiling in the Chaos Machine brought to mind. You will see the correct % when brewing things and items. - Over 250 exciting and dynamic quests to earn 22,000 non-combustible stats, 3 billion zen and other useful resources. Your own unique maps: * Dungeon Labyrinth - a map with many bosses and transitions between 1-4 Dungeon; * Village Area - a unique NON-PVP map, which can only be accessed by killing a mini-boss and getting a teleport ticket. The map includes 15 unique spots, where you can stay for up to 2 hours, after which the player is teleported to Arkania; * Elveland Warrior - a unique map for which you will fight to become its owner (our optional alternative to the classic Castle Siege). This will add even more interesting PVP content; Our gameplay benefits: 1. only for you several game worlds of varying degrees of difficulty. 2. Our Full HD 30 FPS gaming client is unparalleled in the world, more details - 3. Pleasant system of sequential quests. 4. New maps, items and monsters. 5. Team Deathmatch event with earning donate bonuses. 6. Many special rankings with earning donate bonuses. 7. Profitable in-game lottery with valuable prizes. 8. Handy web-based marketplace for items and characters for donate bonuses and zen. 9. Support service for players working in the office and always ready to help you. 10. Brand new buff which has over 400 levels of pumping and improves your combat abilities.

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