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Quality CIS server with unique Survival, unique Creativity with a lot of features, a lot of different and self-written mini-games, kind and responsive admins, and a cozy atmosphere! A detailed description of some of the available modes and mini-games: ⬤ CandyLands RolePlay mode, where everyone can become what he wants without any privates, plugins or anything else. Only real meincraft and the best society to play in! ⬤ Survival Vanillium. The usual survival, but with the addition of a number of unique, created by us mechanics. For example, a unique system of settlements, allowing infinitely expand its possessions, provide players with access to specific areas in it, and much, much more; bazaar system and auction, which multiplies the possibilities of trade between players. And that's not all! ⬤ Creative+ This mode allows you to create your own unique world that includes everything from building something epic to surviving with friends to RolePlay scenarios. Your imagination is all that's left to restrict you! ⬤ SkyWars (PvP version 1.9) This mini-game contains sub-modes such as: - Standard - classic SkyWars, where you need to gather all the necessary resources as soon as possible and defeat the other players. - Arcade - mode with a lot of random events, such as "Rain of arrows", "Spanning mobs", "Hunger", etc. There are also archaeological items, with which you can get the rarest loot. And before you start the game, you can choose your own skill, which will help you to defeat all your enemies. - MassBrawl is the same as Standard, but the battle is between two teams with 20 players in each team. ⬤ BedWars (PvP version 1.9) We are sure that all of you have played this mini-mode, so we will not describe its basics, but we can paint our BedWars tricks: A huge number of unique and beautiful maps, the list of which is constantly expanding. A unique system of game restarts. You do not need to restart, the game will create for you a session, as similar to the one you played before. A large list of useful features with which you can win the most hopeless game, and it is available to all players! All you have to do is learn how to use them. ⬤ TntGames - TnTRun-Standard is the usual TnTRun we all know and love, where your main task is to be the last survivor on the arena, where blocks below you disappear with every step. - TnTRun-Spleef is the same TnTRun, but here you have a flaming bow at your disposal, which you can use to topple players by destroying the blocks under them. TnTRun-PvP - TnTRun, where you can win not only by jumping from block to block better than others, but also by throwing the others into the abyss and even killing them. Here you'll have a sword at your disposal. Use it to fight and win!

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