EDEM PW 1.5.5 PvE-PvP | Us 3 months, new marathon!

Server banner EDEM PW 1.5.5 PvE-PvP | Us 3 months, new marathon!

Version 1.5.5. Maximum level - 315 (105, 2 RB). 6 races, 12 classes. Final equipment - P8P2, P9P2; Final weapons - R8P2, RCGD (55-65 pa), Home weapons - 3g 30 PA, Furious God of War / Spirit of Fire. Final Stones - 1 pa, 2 pz, 12 body. Final S cards. The disc has the "Combat Spirit" stat cut out. For Heavens, Fighting Spirit only increases to 10 perfect Heavens. 2 RB level 100 can be obtained in one hour, you must complete 3 quest chains to do so: Respect quest chain. You show up in the GI, give the quest to the elder, and go to choose a cultivation. We've added convenient location teleports for you. Respect will not take more than 10 minutes. Next you need to complete - the quest chain "Deja Vu", do the first rebirth and go to the quest chain "Descent of the Six Spirits". Both chains you will pass in about 15 minutes. They are greatly accelerated and convenient. As a reward you will receive: A box with card A x7. Box with card C x300. Stone of Creation (needed for the second rebirth). Box with card S x1. Don't forget to enter a lot of promo codes with decent rewards. This will greatly accelerate your start: startedem, dusha, edem, blood, welcome, fortune, holiday, mdaedem, set4x2, lovedem, pvp. The server has implemented a phased order of collecting equipment - 99/95 - nirvana - p8r - p8r2. We work 2.5 months and have already created an active and friendly community of players. On the server you will find like-minded people, with whom you can join a guild and fight for common goals, as well as interesting events and contests with valuable prizes. We are constantly improving the server and adding new content, and are open to your wishes. Join us and start your exciting journey in the perfect world today!

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