MU Online Bless Avalon x1, x30, x50, x100, x1000, x5000

Server banner MU Online Bless Avalon x1, x30, x50, x100, x1000, x5000

We never do vypov and give you a lifetime guarantee of safety of your belongings and characters. Our game benefits: 1. only for you several game worlds of varying degrees of difficulty. 2. Our Full HD 30 FPS game client is unparalleled in the world, more details - 3. Pleasant system of sequential quests. 4. New maps, items and monsters. 5. Team Deathmatch event with earning donate bonuses. 6. Many special rankings with earning donate bonuses. 7. Profitable in-game lottery with valuable prizes. 8. Handy web-based marketplace for items and characters for donate bonuses and zen. 9. Support service for players working in the office and always ready to help you. 10. Brand new buff which has over 400 levels of pumping and improves your combat abilities. 11. Unique achievement system with earning donate bonuses and pumping your buff. 12. 12. powerful protection from cheaters, the best among other analogs. 13. Special multi-level system of item sets. 14. Tax system which allows to charge a tribute to LOT's owners from all trading operations on the web-marketplace. 15. A nice VIP system, with the ability to achieve more in the shortest amount of time. 16. Over 20 web services on the site, competitors couldn't come close to implementing so much variety. 17. More than 10 possible ways of earning donate bonuses in game way, more info - 18. Additional Set Bonus for your equipment. 19. Lords of Bless Arena event for the guilds of our server. 20. Updated Dungeon location with special drops. 21. Crafting system on our site. 22. Kanturu Domination event for guilds of our server. 23. Unique quests for guilds. 24. Redesigned Castle Siege event.

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